Automotive Training: your way into a new profession in Australia

In the dynamic landscape of vocational education (VET), the Automotive programs at Australian Adelaide International College (AAIC) emerges as a gateway to a fulfilling and hands-on profession.

For those with a passion for cars and a desire to delve into the intricacies of automotive technology, these programs offer a transformative journey into a new career. Why? Here it is!


Hands-On Training

The heart of AAIC’s Automotive Training program lies in its commitment to hands-on learning. Students get the opportunity to:

Work on real vehicles
Gain practical experience by working on actual vehicles, honing skills in diagnostics, maintenance, and repair.

AAIC is equipped with cutting-edge automotive workshop, providing a simulated yet authentic environment for students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Last generation equipment
Learn to use the latest diagnostic tools, computerized systems, and specialized equipment used in the automotive industry.


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Industry Connections

AAIC understands the importance of connecting students with industry professionals, ensuring a seamless transition from education to employment. The Automotive Training programs facilitate:

Industry guests
Industry experts often conduct guest lectures and workshops, sharing insights into the latest technologies, trends, and challenges in the automotive sector.

Expert trainers
Students benefit from mentorship from our industry expert trainers, where experienced professionals provide guidance, share their experiences, and offer valuable advice for a successful career in the automotive field.


Career Prospects

Upon completing one of the Automotive Training programs at AAIC, students unlock a range of promising career prospects, including:

Automotive Technician
Diagnose and repair vehicles, ensuring they are in optimal working condition.

Service Manager
Oversee the operations of automotive service centers, managing teams and ensuring quality service delivery.

Diagnostic Technician
Specialize in identifying and solving complex issues using advanced diagnostic tools and technologies.

Automotive Electrician
Focus on electrical systems, wiring, and electronic components in vehicles.

Specialized Fields
Explore niche areas such as motorsports, hybrid and electric vehicles, or restoration and customization.


With hands-on training, industry connections, and diverse career prospects, students can pave the way for a successful and rewarding career in the thriving automotive industry of Australia. Shift gears and accelerate your journey into a new profession with AAIC’s Automotive Training program!

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