I came to Australia and completely changed my passion–from Information Technology (IT) to Commercial Cookery. It was really scary at the beginning as I had no knowledge in the hospitality industry, but AAIC has made my life really easy. All staff, especially Tony (trainer), helped a lot, teaching from basics to advanced techniques and venue management. Now, I own the restaurant where I began as a pizza boy! It is hard, but not impossible. If you’re looking to change your passion and become a chef, AAIC is definitely the right college. If I can do it, so can you!.

Aman Bhatia

AAIC Hospitality Graduate and Business owner

I came to Australia from India and gladly found AAIC website and Hospitality courses to start off my career as a chef. Now, I am not only a chef, but a business owner, having my own Indian restaurant in Adelaide, SA. The journey was challenging and incredibly rewarding, and I thank AAIC staff and trainers for giving me integral support, academically and professionally. A special thanks to my former trainer, Tony, for all his help and dedication! Cheers, AAIC!

Harshdeep Singh

AAIC Hospitality Graduate and Business owner

My experience at AAIC was very rewarding and I highly recommend this program for anyone with an interest in Business.

Marjorie Sagun

I entered the Certificate IV in Business Administration and Diploma of Business Administration  program with limited knowledge about Business and the business Administration. But thanks to a comprehensive and structured course which is taught by highly skilled lecturers, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from within the industry, I now feel job ready with the knowledge and skill set I have acquired through the program.

Princess Villasor

AAIC College opened me up to a new and exciting way of thinking and approaching life because I met so many people of different ethnicities and cultures.

Jaspreet Singh

AAIC has offered me everything that I thought I could have wanted from a Business studies experience. One of my top priorities was to be in an metro setting that would offer me various experiences (especially culturally) and have a vast array of resources that I would be able to use. AAIC’s CBD  location in Adelaide City offers that. Training and Administration staff is very helpful and provides great support network in order to guide me throughout my course to become a successful Business professional.

Opeyemi David

I received my Advanced Diploma of Management and got employed as a Manager. I believe that my success is attributed to the curriculum at AAIC. I think this is important for future students to understand that AAIC’s coursework aligns with real world business environment.

Harveer Kaur Chhina

I was in a situation where cost, program options, and quality education were my top priorities. I discovered that the Australian Adelaide International College fit all of my requirements.

Jesus Apolo Liboro

I can honestly say my studies at AAIC has been one of the best experiences I have had during my academic experience.  Not only was the subject matter interesting, but also the fact that students from various academic backgrounds were brought together in a discussion-based setting which challenged us to listen to viewpoints that we otherwise may have never thought of.

Rinta Vadakkethala Antony

After doing my Certificate in Business Administration and I feel confident in my business administration abilities, I learned not only how to maintain the office but also how to improve it. Overall it was the perfect class for any Business Administration student, both the knowledge and the skills I gained will help me in the future.

Navjot Singh

Studies at AAIC was a great experience! The skills I acquired during my studies are going to help me succeed in life. I really enjoyed the class’s dynamic, the debates and discussions during class and have helped me develop the ability to think on my feet, especially to come up with effective and innovative solutions to the problems in a limited amount of time.

Riccardo Martinello

Not only did I learn a lot of interesting things at AAIC, but I also gained more from the class than I could have anticipated.  Because we had daily discussions about our subjects, I learned how to continuously analyze each business case study in the context of what we had learned so far, even before seeing the big picture.  This is a valuable skill that will stay with me for life.

Frozelyn Miranda

At AAIC, I found the course, intensive and challenging as well as refreshingly innovative and rewarding.

Mildred Joy Alvarez