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What is University Pathway

University pathway refers to a structured educational route designed to prepare students for admission to a university by enhancing their academic and English language proficiency, as well as providing the necessary skills and knowledge for success in higher education.

This pathway typically includes courses, programs, or curricula, often offered to help students meet admission requirements and academic expectations, ultimately enabling them to seamlessly transition into degree programs at the university level. University pathways are especially valuable for international students seeking to bridge educational gaps and gain the qualifications needed to pursue a bachelor's or postgraduate degree.

AAIC and University of South Australia (UniSA)

Achieving a qualification from AAIC is a perfect pathway to higher education from reputable universities across Australia. AAIC has credit arrangements in place with South Australia's #1 university for graduate careers: The University of South Australia (UniSA).

As per the statement of maximum allowable credit in University of South Australia Business School Awards, AAIC Business and Management graduates are eligible for credit towards Bachelor’s degrees at UniSA. The level of maximum allowable credit is based upon an assessment of the overall level of the pathway qualification. AAIC Students may earn up to 1.5 years’ credit into chosen UniSA Bachelors program.

AAIC and UniSA Credit Structure

Assessed Pathway Program UniSA Business Award UniSA Total Unit Award Value Maximum unit credit in the UniSA award for successful completion of the pathway program
Dip. of Business Bachelor of Business (DBBN) 108 units Up to 36 units
Adv. Diploma of Business Bachelor of Business (DBBN) 108 units Up to 54 units
Dip. of Leadership and Management Bachelor of Business  Management (DBBG) 108 units Up to 36 units
Adv. Diploma of Leadership and Management Bachelor of Business Management (DBBG) 108 units Up to 54 units

UniSA University Pathway Procedure

Step 1
After successfully completing your Business or Leadership and Management VET course at AAIC, request an official academic transcript or/and certificate that outlines the details, including the course name, duration, and grades obtained. This documentation will be necessary when applying for Credit Transfer.

Step 2
Identify courses that align with the VET subjects you've studied according to the table previously described.

Step 3
Apply for admission to the UniSA as an International Student, following the standard application process. Ensure that you indicate your intention to request credit transfer for your VET qualifications during the application process.

Step 4
After you have been admitted to UniSA, formally request a credit transfer. To do so, complete a specific application form provided by the university's academic advising or registrar's office. Attach the required documentation to support your request, such as your academic transcript, course descriptions, and any other relevant materials.

Step 5
A final decision on the amount of credit you receive will be made once you have formally applied for a credit transfer. After you receive your new student email and login details, head to the credit assessor, print the application form with your results, and submit them at your Campus Central office.

The level of maximum allowable credit is based upon an assessment of the overall level of the pathway qualification. Credit will be issued upon receipt of the first student application to be received into the program, and this assessment will be accessible from that point onwards through the UniSA Credit Assessor online web tool.

Applicants will be made an offer of credit as close as possible to the maximum, dependent upon the level of specific learning outcome compatibility between the pathway program and requested UniSA award.

For more information about University Pathway, contact AAIC’s friendly Student Administration Staff.