About AAIC

The Australian Adelaide International College (AAIC) is a Registered Training Organization located in the city of Adelaide, South Australia. AAIC is an Australian  Nationally Accredited and Recognized Registered Training Organization open to students from all over the world. Our mission is to provide outstanding education and training for a changing world. AAIC is envisioned as an international training provider which values service through high quality education, industry collaboration, partnership arrangements and event management. AAIC features enriched living and learning environments, experienced and motivated trainers, innovated curriculum initiatives, optimum-sized classrooms, individualized student support and an embracing cultural diversity atmosphere. Studying at AAIC doesn’t just give you a qualification, it gives you the opportunity to explore a new culture, develop Australian and International friendships and enjoy a quality education experience that prepares you for professional and personal success.

At AAIC you will be offered a Quality Australian Education program that meets National education and adult vocational standards which are recognized both locally and internationally. AAIC small class sizes, highly qualified and motivated staff, highly developed learning resources and the latest education resources assist student to maximize personal and academic achievements.

Dedicated Staff

AAIC has dedicated training, administrative and support staff who are highly qualified with a great deal of experience in training and assessment and assisting international students. AAIC takes pride in having a multi – cultural work environment.

AAIC System of Education

AAIC system of education delivers practical, healthy and career-oriented training, equipping individuals with the skills required in a modern work based economy. Through strong industry collaboration, AAIC system of Education provides students with the skills needed to enter the workforce for the first time, forge a career, re-train for a new job, upgrade skills for an existing job, and engage in lifelong learning. AAIC culture is built on a system of continuous improvement and innovation, constantly ensuring that we lead and reflect the latest developments in Adult Vocational systems of education.

AAIC Approach to International Education

AAIC opens its doors to international students with integrity and commitment to Education Excellence. AAIC seeks to achieve this goal through an integrated approach to policy, regulation, international engagement, promotion of the college and above all a caring nature towards our students and fellow staff members. The provision of education services to international students by AAIC are undertaken in a way that are consistent with the maintenance and safeguard of vocational and academic standards in Australia.

AAIC continually develop a system of governance which is consistent with the provisions of the NVR standards, ESOS Act and National Code 2007. AAIC recognizes that there are penalties for breaches of the Act and National Code and go to all measures to ensure that compliance is maintained.

AAIC believes that it is essential to promote the joy of knowledge and learning, whilst maintaining focus on the competencies that are to be achieved alongside the action learning principals of making education and training relevant to the modern-day workplace.

AAIC has a suitable focal point for all inquiries, and suitable communication and support structures to ensure the effective implementation of the AAIC student programs and the provision is made for the successful outcomes for the students.

AAIC is committed to provide prospective international students with accurate and comprehensive information on the AAIC’s admission requirements and procedures, courses available, tuition and, where appropriate, living costs, living conditions, accommodation and other services. By law and by the Code, AAIC goes out of its way to ensure that advertisements and promotional literature do not include misleading or ambiguous statements about the nature of the course, or about the cost of the course offered.