Cost of Living

Living Expenses

Living costs vary according to the type of accommodation you choose and the lifestyle you lead. The annual inflation rate in Australia is 4.5%. We recommend that students add this to the above estimates when budgeting for future years. Please note also that the housing market has surged in recent years. In addition to establishing a household, students need to include in their budget the cost of health insurance and the cost of general course fees, books, travel, health insurance and living expenses in addition to their tuition fees.

To live in most capital cities you will need approximately AUD $18,000 per year. If you have an adult dependent living with you, you will need an extra AUD $6,000 per year and for each dependent child, an extra AUD $4,000. These Prices are indicative and may fluctuate.

Accommodation costs

Average rental costs (per week) per person

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: $170 – $280
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment (per bedroom): $120 – $180
  • House 2-3 bedroom (per bedroom): $120 – $190
Items Amount
Weekly Cost (other than Rent)
Food and Groceries Contribution $80-100
Bills (Electricity, Gas etc)** $25-35
Telephone (not mobile) $10-15
Public Transport fares*** $30
Spending Money $40-80
Annual Cost
General Course Costs $500-750****
Bond (usually 1 month’s rent) 4.333 x weekly rent
Telephone / utilities connection $150-200
General furniture items (Not including white goods) $450-800

Some accommodation options include gas, electricity and water in the monthly rent. Generally, when you live in an apartment, you only pay for gas and electricity. In a house, you will pay for water as well.