OET Coaching in Adelaide

OET Coaching in Adelaide

AAIC’s OET Preparation at Adelaide is designed to improve the four OET testing areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking which will have you fully prepared for the OET Test

OET Exam (Occupational English Test) is for ?

12 health and allied health professions: OET Dentistry, OET Dietetics, OET Medicine, OET Nursing, OET occupational Therapy, OET Optometry, OET Pharmacy, OET Physiotherapy, OET Podiatry, OET Radiography, OET Speech Pathology and OET Veterinary Science.

AAIC Provides OET coaching in Adelaide for all health professions.

Where is the OET -Occupational English Test used?

The OET test is currently used by the governing bodies of the professions at state and national level in Australia, New Zealand & Singapore. Each board or council determines the result required from candidates to meet the language competency standards required in order to function in their profession.

OET Coaching content and student outcomes:

  • OET reading | OET writing | OET listening | OET speaking
  • Letter writing including but not limited to: formal and informal letters, patient referral letters, hospital admissions letters, reminder letter to patients, patient discharge letters etc.
  • Speaking using tone| diction| fluency| accuracy & volume, which covers typical patient scenarios in Australia
  • Pronunciation and appropriate language for when dealing with people in all contexts e.g. hospital settings and private clinics
  • Functional language, taking patient histories, giving explanations, giving advice, aggression conversation and giving re-assurances
  • Dealing with children, teenagers, adults and older Australians
  • Australian health care sector – understanding the role of different government departments and understanding public and private health enterprise
  • Speed reading and comprehension for all components of the OET test
  • Reading for specific purposes – understanding the text and being able to answers specific questions relating to the text
  • Health professional’s grammar in writing and speaking for the OET test



AAIC English Coaching Centre’s sole aim is to provide support services to its clients in the area of English language. It cannot guarantee desired English proficiency test score. Your effort and commitment is always a large factor in achieving desired results.
This is a non-accredited training.