English Coaching in Adelaide (Non-Accredited Training)


No language is as complex and varied as English. Today, English is spoken around the world, by over a quarter of a billion people and as an additional language by many more. Amidst all these complexities and variations lies a common speech pattern that is accepted and understood universally.

It is our endeavor at AAIC to coach our students to read, write, listen and speak English at a proficient level which will help them to be successful in their academic and business ventures, whether in Australia or overseas.

AAIC’s English Coaching Centre is an outcome of the Australian Adelaide International College’s commitment to support its students and local community to reach their career goals. It offers a range English language coaching services to students and professionals aiming to achieve their desired score in English proficiency tests.

The centre’s gamut of English coaching include assisting you to prepare for English language tests such as PTE, OET, IELTS & TOEFL which are taught by experienced and highly committed coaches. Innovative teaching methods ensure that classes stimulate, motivate and enable students to move rapidly through the different levels of English proficiency to reach their life goals.

Whether you need to improve your overall English or a specific module like reading/writing, our experienced coaching staff at the Centre shall have a customized coaching program that will focus on your Special English needs.

Why AAIC’s English Coaching Centre?

  • Quality Faculty: AAIC’s English Coaching Centre faculty are not only IELTS/PTE certified but also have years of experience in English language coaching.
  • CBD Location: Located in the heart of Adelaide CBD with public transport at walking distance.
  • Simulated Test Environment: Our coaching Centre deploys a simulates test environment to provide students with real life test scenarios and ample amount of practice time.
  • Result Oriented Coaching: We aim to provide individual attention and support from highly-qualified teachers who are passionate about students achieving their best.
  • Other benefits
    • High Success Rate
    • Free Diagnostic Test
    • Extensive Library Resources
    • Flexible Batch Timings

Disclaimer: AAIC English Coaching Centre’s sole aim is to provide support services to its clients in the area of English language. It cannot guarantee desired English proficiency test score. Your effort and commitment is always a large factor in achieving desired results.

This is a non-accredited training.